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Jan 26

Raspberry Pi Update

I just upload the article here which discusses the BASH script I created to call FreeRDP and prompt end-users for credentials.  I hope you find it helpful.  

Jan 22

My adventure with the Raspberry Pi

I just finished a detailed write-up on getting FreeRDP compiled on the Raspberry Pi.  I came across a lot of sites with comments requesting how to do it, but no real in depth information on how to do it.  I spent a few days figuring it all out.  I even got a rudimentary GUI to …

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May 23

Data Recovery: What I had to do to recover data from a RAID 0 volume.

  I recently was called upon to perform a data recovery on an HP desktop that was setup with a RAID 0 volume.  As you can imagine the volume failed when one of the hard drives started acting up.  I had to resort to all my old tricks and some new ones in order to …

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May 07

Open Source Firewalls: Monowall and PfSense

              Today I want to talk about my two favorite Open Source firwalls; Monowall and PfSense.  If you’re into Open Source at all, you’ve probably come across Monowall and PfSense.  I personally love Monowall.  It’s small and fast.  If you put it on really nice hardware, you will have great …

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Apr 06

NTOP A Linux Netflow Collector

    This week I had a customer who requested that the App Flow Monitor function be activated on his Sonicwall Firewall.  This was simple enough and required a reboot.   I then noticed that the Sonicwall could contain the data locally or can send the data to an external Netflow Collector.  My curiosity being piqued, I …

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Mar 23

Main Mission Statement for Site

My main goal with setting up this blog is to share my insights and discoveries in computing.  These include my experimental setups surrounding Linux and my professional experiences with Data Center Systems (SANs, VMWare, SQL Clusters, etc.).  Over the next few weeks, I’ll begin to document my attempts to build a Linux-HA system utilizing different …

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